Budgeting is always such a stressor when it comes to wedding planning. But stress no more because I have 8 awesome ways to help you cut down on costs!

Best Ways to Save Money While Wedding Planning

1. Cut down your guest list

Most venues will charge you per head, which can add up quickly! Narrow down your list to the people that will truly add to your night and make the night more meaningful. Although it seems difficult, this is a great way to stay within that budget!

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2. Don’t stress too hard over centerpieces

Although centerpieces make a great accessory at the reception, they’re not the most important part of the night! I promise no one will leave saying “WOW, did you see those centerpieces?!” Remember, the night is about you and your person and that is where the focus will be.

3. Don’t worry about gifts for each guest

You’re inviting them to celebrate your love. Your guests already get free drinks, free food and a good time! I wouldn’t worry about pushing that budget just to give them a koozie or small gift. I totally understand why many people enjoy doing this, BUT if you absolutely need something to cut down on, this is a great option.

4. Don’t spend money on a venue for your bridals

Choosing not to take bridals is also a very realistic option here. But if bridals are important to you, you have options. Instead of paying an expensive fee for a venue, try taking them at a place that is free of charge. That way, you can still have those memories without the cost associated.

Best Ways to Save Money While Wedding Planning

5. Find things you can make for your wedding party

Some people love to go all out for their bridal party, but it’s not always necessary. A sweet note or scrapbook can be cost efficient and something they will forever treasure. Going with this, keeping your bridal party small does wonders when it comes to wedding expenses!

6. Don’t spend too much on your shoes

I love taking pictures of pretty shoes, but in reality no one will see your heels the day of your wedding. I know shoes help everyone to feel fabulous on their big day, but it’s not the most important thing! That being said, buying more of a generic shoe can help a lot with your budget.

7. Borrow, Borrow, BORROW!

Borrowing jewelry or a veil from a bridesmaid or a family member is always a great option. Not only will it look just as great, but it will have even more sentimental value associated with it! 

8. Book an AirBnB

Many people like to book hotels for their bridal party, but an AirBnB is honestly a better option for budgeting purposes. The difference in cost can be SO significant and there’s usually much more room for everyone to hangout!

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