Hey there!

I'm Melissa! 

A few things I get really really excited about:
* Being able to take bride and groom pictures at sunset
* Spicy Thai food
* Prime lenses
* Cayenne or jalapeños in my margaritas
* Editing at night
* Capturing real emotions
* Puppy cuddles
* Iced lattes with extra espresso from CCs
* Spontaneity
* Outside daytime weddings
*Adventure filled photo shoots

* All my indoor plants and buying new ones

* First looks
* Destination weddings
* Dancing as ridiculous as possible at really random times and places.
* My 100 year old house
*Building confidence and seeing that transform in front of my camera

If you’re looking for photographer that shows up holding a camera for the hours booked, takes some pictures and is just another wedding vendor I’m probably not your girl.

I’m the photographer that... 
🖤Will help you put your veil in and fix your hair all through out the night so you look your absolute best.
🖤Wants to hear and help with as much wedding planning as possible.
🖤Will sit down over coffee and make sure we have the perfect time line with lots of tips on how to make the most of every minute of your day. (160 plus weddings I’ve learn a few tricks)
🖤Will get down with you on the dance floor with two cameras in tow. 
🖤Will hold your flowers and help take off your shoes and run to get your flats for you. 
🖤Will stand in the pouring rain, get waist deep in the ocean, jump in a fountain, climb a tree or lay in a mud puddle if that’s what it takes to get the perfect shot... 
🖤Will wrangle your family together and get every group shot and individual shot you didn’t even know you needed but will be so thankful for in twenty years. 

Let’s Cut to the Chase, and tell you why I'm different

I'm not your average kinda of photographer

Shoot elopement on top of a mountain in Hawaii

shoot elopement in Jamaica

shoot elopement in a state park

photograph wedding party jumping in a pool

Elopement in Icealnd

wedding in St Lucia

bucket list

Utah & Arizona 

Plam Springs, Cali




malibu - elopement

scotland - elopement

positano - wedding

florence - elopement


joshua tree np - elopement

lake como - engagement








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