Your engagement photo session is getting close, so it’s time to start picking the perfect outfits — today we’re going to talk style and colors!

The more options the better, so bring as many choices as you can! It’s better to have more to choose from than not enough.

The Best Things To Wear For Engagement Photos


Different materials and styles can make such a difference when it comes to getting the best and most flattering images. You want outfits that you can move around in — think flowy and try to stray away from tight and form-fitting. I promise I will pose you to show off those curves.

I love seeing you dressed up on your wedding day, but for engagement photos the casual outfits always end up being my favorite. Comfy tanks and T-shirts paired with distressed jeans or denim shorts always photograph well.

I love long dresses in photographs too. It shows a lot of movement for walking pictures, and they’re also so flattering when sitting down.

The Best Engagement Outfit Ideas


Picture a huge canvas hanging on your living room wall from a picture from this session. What colors or outfits would match your color scheme of your house and decor?

Neutral options are always perfect because they’re timeless and rarely go out of style. Patterns are always an option, but they would have to be used in a very subtle way. Also keep in mind that clothes should never have any name brands showing. We wouldn’t want that to take away from the meaning of the photo shoot!

And a side note on the guys: V-necks and crew-necks in blue, gray or green always end up being my favorite. It has a great fit and goes with so many outfits without being distracting and taking away from the pictures.

Engagement Photo Inspiration

Some of my favorite colors in pictures are:

  • Navy
  • Different shades of green (hunter green, sage, forest, & emerald)
  • Neutral colors
  • Maroon
  • Gray (especially for guys)
  • Pink and blush
  • Denim
  • Blue
  • White

Colors that aren’t my favorite to edit:

  • Red
  • Black
  • ANY neon colors

Do wear:

  • Hats (like floppy hats)
  • Long dresses
  • Sheer long dresses that you can see the light shine through
  • Loose fitting flowy tops and dresses
  • Timeless patterns and styles
  • Boots and at least one pair of flats 
  • Layers
  • Off-the-shoulder comfy sweaters
  • Kimono/cardigan
  • Ripped jeans (adds texture)

Don’t wear:

  • Any visible name brand (this goes for guys too)
  • Golf-type or fishing shirts that have shiny material
  • Anything super tight you can barely move in
  • Super distracting patterns
  • All matching outfits (be complimentary, but not twins!)

Favorite Online Shopping Websites

  • Lulu’s
  • American Eagle
  • Forever 21
  • Also, check out some outfits I found on Amazon that would be GREAT for engagement photos here

Local Boutiques

  • Moxie
  • Virgo
  • Jolie Girl
  • Sosis
  • Vertage
  • Simply Chic
  • Frock Candy
  • Wanderlust by Abby
  • Posh Boutique
  • Herringstone’s
  • Blu Spero

For more inspo, check out my Pinterest board I’ve put together just for you to help you see what colors work best together!

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