Limited Seasonal Sessions

I’ve been getting tons of messages about offering family sessions during the fall for Christmas cards… I’m not going to lie – after last year and having the brilliant idea to cram 60 sessions in 7 days, I said never again! That said, I’ve been doing family photos for some families for over 8 years, and the idea of not seeing them again this year truly breaks my heart.

This year, I want to do things a little differently. I want it to be less about the props, and more about those moments you want to freeze in time forever. The silly facial expressions, those tiny little toes, a close-up of the way they grab your hand, the Eskimo kisses, playing Ring around the Rosey and all the cuddles. This session will be filled with music, fun prompts, dance parties and cute games created to get all the real and raw emotion.

These sessions will be at LSU Agriculture Botanic Gardens on Essen in Baton Rouge. (If you’re familiar with Rural Life, this is in the same area!) There will be 5 days offered, 6 slots available per day, with 30 minutes for each session. This means there are very limited slots open for this year!

These days are:

October 26th, October 27th, November 16th, November 17th, November 26th

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